Rob Cazin

Composer, Musician & Sound Designer

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About Me

After high school and a few years of traveling around in rock, pop and fusion bands, I faced a difficult decision - whether to study Fine Art at Parsons in LA or Studio Music & Jazz at the University of Miami.

Choosing the latter ultimately had an ironic effect. I became adamant about not attempting to make a living by playing music. I had seen far too many fellow students struggle after graduating - holding their principled art above subsistance. This, in large part due to academic programming by the university. While I was at school and after, I was pushing into digital art with the Macintosh, making a living by design and desktop publishing. After landing a 3D animation gig with a post-production facility in Miami, I moved to New York and founded So! Animation which, with my partner Lauri Salladay and my lovely wife Yuria continues today to produce award winning animation.

With this site, I want to share my music - which is my passion, and my story.


All of my music is free to download via Soundcloud, but please don't use it for commercial purposes. If you'd like to hire me for a project, session or have any questions please click here.

Oh, and I believe dynamics are vital to music - so don't be afraid to crank it up! ;)


A brief history of (my) time.


I recently completed the sound design for the Shadow Play “Feathers Of Fire” which premiered in San Francisco on 01.16.16, and opened at BAM on 02.05.16. Directed by Hamid Rahmanian with illustration and puppet design by Syd Fini.

Control room in my new studio.

My first "pro" studio at 39 East 20th Street in NYC. Circa 1994.


Feel free to email me with any questions, or to just say hello!